The RHB guest book experience:

I encourage couples to really think about why they’re getting a guest book, the importance behind this reason.  Wedding guest books often become your first family heirloom.

They’re designed to be something special passed down through the generations. 

Even if you think you may not look at it much as a couple, I can guarantee that your family members, children, and grandchildren will and that it will be important for years to come. 

At RHB, our guest books are purposefully made with this in mind.  Every element has been considered. 

Each book features real timber showcasing unique grains where no two guestbooks will ever be the same making your guest book as unique as your story. 

Your memories will be captured on acid free pages so that they will last a lifetime. 

Each book has been bound using premium bookbinding materials ensuring that your memories are bound for a lifetime.

When you purchase a RHB guest book you’re purchasing a quality guest book.  It’s the perfect companion for the sweetest memories.

We’re a small handmade studio located in Canberra (previously Hobart) dedicated to producting personalised guestbooks of the highest quality.

We provide one of a kind heirlooms with personal attention to each couple.  

Who is RHB:

We’re a small handmade studio located in Canberra dedicated to producing personalised guestbooks of the highest quality.

We provide one of a kind heirlooms with personal consideration for each couple knowing how special each piece can and should be. 

We’re passionate about preserving special moments in time.

Originally based in Hobart, Tasmania, we fell in love with Tasmanian timber which we feature throughout our collection.

In our new, larger Canberra based studio we now have the capacity to engage with more couples than before.   Priding ourselves on our attention to detail and with the same quality craftsmanship that we’re known for, we still have production limits in place each month therefore we encourage couples to get in early to ensure we can be part of your upcoming celebration.  

A message from the maker:

Hey there Love Bugs!  I’m Cara, the founder of Ruby Honey Bee – previously known as The Wedding Guest Book Co, EST. 2015 

The WGBCo was born out of my love and passion of gifting the perfect gift.  I get as much joy from giving a gift as I do receiving – and as receiving gifts is one of my love languages I’m pretty damn lucky that I get the feels both ways.  I’m the kind of person that is naturally shopping for gifts for loved ones. all. the. time.   

As a trained signwriter, graphic designer, CNC operator, and safety advisor (yes – I also love a good standard operating procedure!) I’m the go to person in my circle for all things creative. 

A friend approached me to help create something personal yet unique for his brother’s wedding.   Something special that his brother would have as a memento for his big day.  Multiple prototypes, coffees, and early starts later the most important guest book of my life had been created.  Thank you Reg for trusting me with something so close to your heart. 

As it turns out other couples were after the perfect memento for their weddings, too.  It took one photo on social media intended to celebrate the amazing couple featured on my first guest book to blow up the internet – JOKE – by internet, I mean my DMs.  

Through my guestbooks, I’ve since been lucky enough to attend over 5,000 celebrations.  

Today, I couldn’t be happier knowing that I get to help you preserve some of your sweetest memories so that you can relive your special moments and revisit messages from loved ones as you move through the next chapter of your love story. 

For me it’s more than just a guest book.  It’s a forever keepsake.  Our guestbooks are the beginning of your first chapter.  I can’t wait to make your wedding guest book as unique as your love story.

You my friend are the bees knees,

Cara xx


"Put simply, it's a beautiful keepsake that you will cherish for a lifetime."

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